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What is the function of an event coordinator?

The event coordinating process requires considerable dedication of both time and energy from the primary party planner. The role of an event coordinator is to step in and manage the planning process. Event planners provide a number of services; including but not limited to: booking, vendor coordinating, budgeting, creative collaborating, advising, setting up and troubleshooting. Many of the event coordinator’s functions take place during the planning process, while others occur primarily the day of the event.
Your Cherry on Top event coordinator will help you pick and choose the services for which you desire assistance and/or collaboration. The menu is very a la carte, and every order is complete with the complimentary Cherry on Top!

What is the relationship between the event coordinator and the party host(s)?

It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to act on behalf of the party host to carry out the vision for the party, while keeping schedule and budget at the forefront of the plans. In some cases the relationship between host and event coordinator is collaborative, and often the host prefers that the event coordinator take the lead. The decision is 100% up to the host.

Are the benefits of an event coordinator worth the expense?

Put simply, absolutely! The benefits of working with an event planner are 2-fold: (1) During the planning the host experiences all of the fun (tastings, dresses, color schemes, etc.) without the hassle of contract negotiations, late nights, and conflicts (2) During the event the host truly experiences the party as a guest and not ‘the planner’.
Especially during wedding planning couples can get so caught up in planning the ‘wedding’ that they forget to take the time to plan for the ‘marriage’. The wedding is one day, while the marriage lasts forever. At Cherry on Top we help manage the wedding and event planning and let our hosts focus on living their lives, hassle free!

How do you personalize an event or wedding?

Our job as coordinators is to turn your dream into your reality. Some event hosts come to us with a clear vision and simply seek execution. Other hosts come to us as a blank canvas. No matter what you bring to our coordinators, it is our job to bring the vision to life. The parties we plan are an honest and personal reflection of the couples, families, individuals, and companies that solicit our services. The name Cherry on Top is not accidental; it is the mission of this company to put a special, personal touch on every event that we coordinate. From the minute we begin planning an event we are already thinking about the Cherry on Top.

How do you stay current with the latest trends?

Cherry on Top event coordinators stay active in Lake Geneva and within the great Milwaukee and Chicago areas. At Cherry on Top we believe that our collaboration with local vendors such as florists, hotels, photographers, bakeries, etc. is fundamental to our success.  Our coordinators commit to staying on top of the latest trends through networking within the industry, attending bridal fairs and expos, social networking and style trend watches.
Whether planning a wedding, party or corporate outing; your Cherry on Top coordinator will take every effort to insure that you are leading the trends!

How do you choose vendors to recommend?

In most cases we have been directly involved with the venue or vendor is some aspect of event planning. However, we are consistently reaching out to new venues and vendors to build relationships and expand our list of recommended vendors. Lake Geneva offers so many wonderful wedding and event vendor opportunities; it is truly our pleasure to stand by our local vendors.